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Drug addiction changes the way the brain functions. It is characterized by the inability to stop using drugs even though the abuse is causing legal, health, financial, and relationship problems.

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How Addiction is Both Physical and Psychological

The physical aspect of addiction stems from changes in the brain due to long-term abuse of drugs, resulting in withdrawal symptoms when drug use is discontinued.

The physical addiction is broken through medical detox. The psychological aspects of addiction are far more complex and require intensive drug rehab therapy to teach patients to replace harmful ways of thinking and behaving with those that are healthy.

Different Types of Drug Addiction

Psychoactive drugs, or mood altering substances, are the most commonly abused. Each drug has different effects and levels of addictiveness. The most common intoxicants that addicts use are:

    • Alcohol is the most prevalent drug of abuse and addiction in the U.S. and in New Smyrna. Over half of all Americans have a close family member with an addiction to alcohol.
    • Illegal drugs are those that have no medical value and are highly addictive. The primary illicit drug of concern in New Smyrna is methamphetamine, followed by heroin. Other illicit drugs include cocaine, marijuana, and ecstasy.
    • Prescription drugs include opiate painkillers like OxyContin, stimulants like Adderall, and sedatives like Klonopin. Nearly 50 percent of teenagers believe that prescription drugs are safe since they’re prescribed by doctors. However, prescription medications account for 45 percent of all accidental drug overdoses in the country, more than heroin, cocaine, and meth combined.

Signs and Symptoms of Drug Addiction

Signs are indicators of an addiction that other people can detect in someone who is addicted. Symptoms are indicators that the person who is addicted will feel.

While each type of drug has its own unique signs and symptoms of addiction, the general signs and symptoms of an addiction to drugs include:

      • The inability to stop using even though the drug is causing problems with relationships, finances, health, and the law.
      • Continuing to use despite making attempts to stop.
      • Experiencing withdrawal symptoms when drug use is discontinued.
      • Neglecting duties at home, work, or school.
      • Losing interest in hobbies that once brought pleasure.
      • Withdrawing from friends and family.
      • Engaging in risky behaviors while under the influence.

How to Choose Between Inpatient and Outpatient Drug Rehab

Drug addiction rehab can take place at a residential treatment facility or through an outpatient program.

Inpatient rehab is essential for those who have a long history of drug abuse and addiction, a co-occurring mental illness or secondary addiction, or who aren’t particularly committed to recovery. Inpatient programs allow patients time away from stress and triggers at home and provide around-the-clock supervision and care. They typically offer a number of alternative therapies like yoga or acupuncture to help patients through the detox process.

Outpatient rehab can be successful for those who have a strong commitment to recovery and a solid support system in place at home. Outpatient treatment enables the patient to continue meeting obligations at home, work, and school.

If you’re not sure which is right for you, an addiction counselor or other mental health professional can help you decide. Call Drug Treatment Centers New Smyrna at 386-206-3250 to get started.

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