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Alcoholism treatment is essential for helping to ensure successful lifelong recovery of an alcohol addiction. Chronic abuse of alcohol often leads to changes in brain function and structure and results in physical dependence marked by uncomfortable – and often dangerous or even fatal – withdrawal symptoms when alcohol is withheld from the body.

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Alcoholism Statistics

Here are some basic facts relating to alcohol abuse:

  • Alcohol abuse and addiction is directly related to 88,000 deaths every year, not including the 10,000 additional fatalities from traffic accidents involving alcohol.
  • 87.4 percent of people addicted to drinking do not seek professional help.
  • 80 percent of alcoholics relapse 90 days after completing treatment in a facility without aftercare plans.
  • 64 percent of people entering a treatment facility have attended one before; 36 percent are first-time patients.

Abuse vs. Addiction

You can abuse alcohol without becoming addicted to it, but abuse increases the risk of physical dependence. Alcohol abuse commonly takes the form of binge drinking, which is characterized by drinking enough alcohol in two hours to raise blood alcohol content to .08 percent. For women, this means four drinks, and for men, it means five drinks in the course of two hours. Blacking out is another sign of abuse and results in memory lapses of some or all of the events that occurred while under the influence.

While those who abuse alcohol are able to maintain control over their drinking, those who are addicted are unable to control the frequency with which they drink or the amount they drink. They will also experience noticeable withdrawal symptoms like nausea, body tremors, insomnia, and depression.

Signs and Symptoms of Alcoholism

Signs are indicators of an addiction that others might notice, while symptoms are indicators that the addict will feel.

Signs and symptoms that you or someone you know has an addiction to alcohol include:

  • Continuing to drink even though it’s causing problems with relationships, finances, health, or the law.
  • An inability to stop drinking even though attempts have been made.
  • Building up a tolerance so that more drinks are needed to get the same effects.
  • Experiencing withdrawal symptoms when alcohol is withheld from the body.
  • Declining performance at home, work, or school.
  • A loss of interest in hobbies that once brought pleasure.

Late Onset Alcoholism

When people over the age of 60 develop an addiction to drinking, it’s known as late onset alcoholism. It’s estimated that about 17 percent of aging adults become dependent on alcohol, and some of the factors that may contribute to the addiction include the loss of a loved one, boredom due to retirement, lowering self-esteem, and mental or physical health problems.

Long-Term Effects of Alcohol Abuse and Addiction

Chronic abuse of alcohol, including an addiction, can cause devastating health problems that include:

  • High blood pressure and stroke.
  • Heart disease.
  • Liver and kidney failure and other organ damage.
  • Various cancers, including colon, breast, mouth, and liver cancer.
  • Loss of cognitive abilities related to memory and processing.
  • The onset or worsening of a mental illness.

Alcohol Intervention

For those who have a loved one with an addiction to drinking, an intervention may be the best way to encourage the loved one to seek treatment. An intervention starts with educating participants about alcoholism, followed by an in-person meeting with the loved one, during which select friends and family tell the loved one how the addiction is affecting them. The loved one is encouraged to seek treatment.

A professional interventionist can plan and facilitate the meeting to increase the chances that the person will agree to treatment.

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