Substance Abuse Leads to the Arrest of Seven in Volusia Drug Bust

Charges of possession of schedule II and schedule III substances with intent to sell are against seven people from Volusia County after narcotics agents raided their home and found jarring evidence of substance abuse. Scott Brown, Terry law, James Manns, Jason Melvin, John Norris, Vicki Rodgers-Stowe and Amanda Zurwell were also charged with manufacturing methamphetamines in the presence of a child, along with child abuse, after discovering they were engaged in substance abuse and production with a nine-year-old in the home.

This is kind of substance abuse is a growing issue, with laws and precautions being put in place to prevent the easy access to materials (such as over the counter medicine) used to make the drug. However, addicts find ways to bypass those precautions. And as substance abuse and addiction can include other illicit/prescribed drugs and alcohol, better measures will have to be put in place to stop the problem.

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What Is Substance Abuse?

Substance abuse is any use of drugs or alcohol that causes problems in a person’s life. Abuse is a destructive pattern of use prior to the development of a physical dependency. Once a person is dependent on the substance, they become addicted and the battle to get off of it becomes much harder.

Types of Substance Abuse


Stimulants effect the central nervous system, giving the user a feeling of improved energy and mood. They are not always harmful, as mild stimulants such as caffeine are consumed safely by many people every day all over the world. Illicit stimulants are much stronger, however, and can very quickly cause the user to become addicted.

Some of the most common examples of illicit stimulants are cocaine, crack and methamphetamine.


Alcohol is the most common legal depressant that causes problems for people. Pain pills are also frequently abused, particularly the ones derived from opium like OxyContin. Heroin is an illegal synthetic derivative of opium drugs. Benzodiazepine drugs like Xanax also fall under this category.


Hallucinogens significantly alter the thought process of users, potentially causing hallucinations and distorted perception. They have also been known to exacerbate or even trigger the onset of mental illness.

Health Effects of Substance Abuse

Long-term health effects also vary greatly depending on the substance being abused. Everything from organ failure to impairment of cognitive function is possible.

One commonality to most addictive substances is the development of withdrawal symptoms when a physical dependence has settled in. These symptoms are usually powerful and make it very difficult for someone to quit using.

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